One day brooder build??

Good morning awesome readers! I’m pumped. We are less than 24 hours away from our own flock, and we got some pretty good rain last night. The garden is poised to explode, you can practically hear the veggies growing.

Today’s mission is to get the brooder box up and running. Yesterday I gathered all the things that will be needed, and now it’s time to wield a screw gun and saw.

First stop, measure all the things! The brooder will be 2×3 and a foot tall. So all the boards get measured up first.

The side panels are now cut. Next I’ll open them for venting.

Next we measure out the shape and location for the vents. I even made some stylish rounded corners. An old plant pot works great when your compass has been lost to the ages.

Next up, drill a couple holes inside the drawn line of the area I’m cutting out, this will allow the Sabre saw to get in there.

Then cut them out. I’m leaving the ends solid however to maintain a little rigidly for the brooder.

With the sides cut out its time for the screen. I’ve selected aluminum window screen for this. I felt that it would be the lightest option to hold back curious dogs and cats.

The screen just staples in with a little overlap, and as jobs go around here. I’ve run out of staples. Off to the hardware store I go.

With more staples in hand it’s on to the second side. With the two sides stapled securely, I have two good looking sides, ready to build.

From here it’s putting the walls together. For that I have some 1″ pine spindle material.

These little things are the greatest escape artists ever known to man. I bought one yesterday and put it in my pocket so I would not lose it. Guess what… luckily I found this guy here and caught him before he could flee.

I’ve measured the spindle wood to the size of the wall now to screw it all up… er together.

Yeah so. The first one was right. I’m having to backtrack because I put the vent wall on backwards.

With the sides all together and braced. This is becoming an impressive beast.

Now the bottom is on, this thing is rugged like crazy.

Onward to the top now. It has the same dimensions as the bottom, and guess what gang. This thing is square! I’ve built something that is in square! We should have a cake or something.

Anyway. I’ve marked out for two screened areas on top, because I have cats, and one is.. well let’s just say he’s not starved. It would be a disaster to have him plunk through the screen before I could shoo him. For this reason the windows are smaller, and we are going to go heavier on the staples.

Note the double staples on the corners. This cat is pretty chunky. It should hold his frustrated self now.

With a small pair of hinges the brooder now has a hinged cover.

I have created a video for the build which I will get up in the next day or so, I’ll also be chronicling the events as I set this thing up and get the chicks. This is going to be so much fun.

As life goes though, I’ve run out of time once more.

Until next time…


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