New floor in the greenhouse?

Good morning awesome readers. Today we put a new crushed stone floor in the greenhouse. Assuming it stops raining of course.

I had more good fortune this morning finding a local lady that had loads of red shale that she no longer wanted. I was happy to go up and get it. The best part about it. $0. That’s right. Completely free.

This stone is great because it will function as a thermal battery. The red color is dark enough to draw heat, but not dark enough to roast everything. I’m laying it down about three inches thick, so any weed that makes its way through will be one tough plant.

Second load on the way. The truck holds quite a bit of stone I must say.

Time to unload. This stuff is amazingly hard to get a shovel under.

With two loads in, it’s looking like a proper greenhouse.

Next up is loading the camper! Because it’s that time of year again, and it’s raining. It looks like tomorrow is going to be a hustle day.

Until next time…

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