Saco KOA 2018 day 4

Today is a rain day. It’s supposed to carry on until late tonight. Nobody moves in the RV Park when it rains. It is a veritable ghost town here. At least in a standard campground you can watch the tent dwellers scramble to get dry, while sipping your coffee from the couch.

While it sounds mean on its face, that is the progression of camping. For many years my wife and I were the ones scrambling to get things to dry places. We fought to entertain ourselves, and for a brief time kids while everything was wet and cold. We then had enough of the scramble and bought our camper. While it’s not a luxury camper, we are all dry. This allows us to focus on more important things like playing horses

several hours later the rains have gone. To say that I’m rested would be an understatement for sure, since it was naps all day.

Until next time…

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