Saco KOA 2018 Day five

Today was supposed to be our last day camping, but apparently yesterday was the last full day. So around about noon I get a call from the boss lady that the campground had called, and informed her that we should have been off the site an hour earlier. Oops.

From there it was a mad pack up, and a confused search to find a place to stash the truck so I could pick everyone up at the beach. The short version is that we pulled it off, and now we are home.

A nice three and a half hour drive in 90 degree heat with the a/c switched off so that the truck could keep road speed brought us back to the homestead.

One up side is I figured out what the third cup holder in a GMC is for.

A travel pup bowl of course. This guy rides amazing. I’d pick him for a long road trip any day.

Feels great to be home, the camper is really nice, but one more night on the bunks probably would have lamed me up in good shape.

All the chicks are home now as well. I cannot believe how much they have grown in just four days. They are beginning to feather, and they are super clumsy. I’ve introduced a stick to get them started toward roosting. So far they want nothing to do with it. They have had a busy day though.

There is food forming in the garden, and a full slate in the greenhouse. So we are officially back from vacation.

Until next time…

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