Bigger pots and unkempt plots

Good morning awesome readers! We are back on the homestead today and back to work. We are all rested and back at it, unfortunately plants don’t take vacations when the sun is out air our work load is back to heavy, and behind schedule.

Most every bed has grown over with weeds, and quite a few plants in the greenhouse need bigger pots. One project is finding storage space for all these pots!

another project on the books is to reclaim all of the week behind beds. These weeds are something else. I’m going to have to clean off the paths. I’m having to force myself into many small breaks to take rest and water. It has been about 90 all day here. I have absolutely no complaints because I was made for this weather, but I still have to stay healthy.

Most of the trouble is all the crap dropped by the giant tree nearby. I cannot wait to knock that thing down.

Supper time crept up on me before I knew. The family felt like spaghetti, so I sprung into action.

When I make a meat sauce, the meat is the focus. Hamburger and sausage, in a marinara does nicely.

Garlic bread, with more garlic, and butter. With mozzarella melted on top. The bread is full of garlic cloves. Right now the mosquitos don’t even want to bite me.

The finished product. Absolutely delicious. Cap the day off with a sleepy dog, and a movie with the kiddos.

Until next time…

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