A Sunday of work

What? It can’t be.. two posts in one day?! Believe it friends. The news and coffee got a bit wordy, so I have decided that rather than bore you with a wall of text, I’d make it two posts today.

I guess I’ll start with the tomatoes. They are lopsided. My best guess is that it is the way they are sitting and the time it is taking for the light to get to them.

I’ve changed their location a bit, hopefully the stragglers will catch up.

While I’m waiting for the brooder video to upload, it’s time to sort pots. What a variety!

And that’s only a small portion. There are enough six pack pots in the lot that we will be able to start selling six pack starts next year. That will be a huge work saver, and since the pots came free I don’t have to mess with the price a lot.

I’m not complaining, but we have some kind of river bank critter that is eating all the weeds from the other side of the fence. We won’t have a problem, so long as he stays over there, and out of the garden.

The brooder video finally finished.

Brooder video

I’m not totally sure why the video doesn’t embed, it probably has to do with the WordPress plan I have. Either way the video is at the link above, enjoy.

I am now flush with pots, I need more plants.

With the cart empty of pots it’s on to the garden for more reclamation fun. First up are the path perennials.

It’s hard to tell but they are all cleaned out. I’ve even pulled all the tree droppings out of them.

Another forced break from the heat. Good time to make some quality of life upgrades for the chicks. I’ve enhanced the stick into a perch.

Which they were ok with. I’ve also added a sod chunk to get them into scratching. This has been met with pretty heavy trepidation. So here I am bok boking like a chicken and poking the sod with my finger. A sight to behold for sure.

They will get curious eventually. I’m fairly new to chickens but I do believe I’ve inadvertently created a thermometer worship cult.

And just like that, grass isn’t scary anymore.

All it took was one chicken to pioneer the way. I’ve begun putting in about twenty sweet peppers but I’ve been forced inside. A little food and some ac for a bit, and I’ll be right as rain.

When the supper bell tolls it’s time for bbq pork with fresh salad from the garden.

It’s amazing. The simplest of meals will fed your soul.

It’s been a great day. Thank you all for coming along.

Until next time…

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