Sunday morning coffee and news on the homestead

Good morning awesome readers! It’s Sunday once more, and the weather man is calling down another scorcher. We are set to see 90 by noon. We had a set of storms roll through last night so all the plants are primed and ready to grow.

These hams are looking more and more like birds every day. This brooder, and the way it is built with the window in front is more popular than the tv! Far more entertaining too.

As I usually do in the morning over coffee I am perusing the filthy underbelly of society, some call it “news”. Generally I skip by ninety percent of it as trash, or biased opinion pieces but today two articles popped right out.

The first is chilling. It defies reason that this was allowed to occur. I’ll let you read the article, and form your own opinions. I do believe though, that to ignore something of this magnitude is Foley. The article comes to us from a fella named Robert Bridge who writes for Strategic Culture. You can see the article Here. It is well written and provides many points that you can dig farther into.

The second article comes to us from careywedler over on steemit. You can find her article Here. This one is uplifting because the growing of industrial hemp has a chance to come back. The article is very well written, and also provides jump off points for further research on your part. I would encourage you to have a read.

Those two articles leave me both pleased, and perplexed. In the pleased column. Having the chickens pretty much guarantees I won’t be having to buy chem fertilizer, ever. In the perplexed column. I now have to figure out where to put, and how to grow some industrial hemp.

Until next time…

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