It’s blueberry month. I had no idea.

I’m a bit ashamed to say I did not know blueberries had their own month. Either way, we’re going to plant ours today. The last batch of blueberries fell victim to the dogs overbearing love of bushes. This time around we are picking a dog free location. Things are tightening up in the growing space for sure now. I think they are going to go right into the berm. This will fit with the longer plan of having the berm populated with perennial food bushes. Plus it will look great. Just as I suspected they look amazing. And when the rains come they can reach deep into all that stored water. These are going to be some amazing pancakes!I also got this plant today to add to the mother stock in the greenhouse. I’m still working on what it’s called exactly but it looks like a great little plant. The chickens are getting more feathers by the hour, and they are becoming wildly friendly. It’s a hoot to interact with them. Most are content to simply roost on your hand and look around. Others want no part in sitting on your hand, but will settle for a belly scratch. And then there are others still, that will find your hand , and if you raise it even an inch from the ground you can almost hear them scream “I’m an eagle!!” As they leap off. In fact this chicken BASE jumping behavior gave my oldest quite a scare. She was holding one of the “eagles” when she decided to take to the skies. Lucky for the chicken it wasn’t very far to the landing, but it scared the kiddo pretty good. She thought she broke the chicken. The opposite was true however, the chicken was quite fine, and rather perturbed when I would not let it have a bomber jacket and goggles. This little lady is Eyebrows. She is decidedly the smallest of the group, and seems to be feathering out a bit slower. Don’t let that fool you though, she is the ring leader of this rag tag band of omelet droppers. I’m starting to think she’s even recognizing her name. They are getting the hang of roosting pretty well. The rest of the day until the 9-5 I plan to spend soaking up some a/c. Until next time…


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