Independently working around the house today.

Today has begun with a flip of the compost. It has been just too hot the last few days to do it any other time except very early. So we are up at 6am, flipping compost!By doing it this way I can re layer in grass clippings when I mow today, then it will be all set for another 3-4 weeks. From there it’s off to the garden, everyone gets a drink. From there it’s off to the greenhouse. I’ve got my helper with me this morning. He’s incredibly irritated that he’s not allowed in the greenhouse. It’s becoming pretty clear that I need a bigger greenhouse. For now though I’ll have to up my organization game. Next up on the list is the rooting bed. I was really not pleased with the smaller one I built. Something about it didn’t feel right, I think it was because It was so heavy and hard to move around. I’ve switched up to a couple of smaller trays. This way I can move them around to the cooler parts of the greenhouse a bit easier. Now it’s time to wander about and fill them. I need to find more things to clone. Onward to the nitrogen harvester! It sounds so much more adventurous than lawn mower doesn’t it?The chicks are starting to get the hang of scratching around now. They lucked out this time, I got a section of sod that was near an ant hill. It’s a frenzy! Glad I’m not an ant.I hate to say it guys, but I have at last exhausted my allotted space for photos on the blog. There will not be any for a couple days until I figure out what to do. It will be corrected soon though. I promise. Until next time…

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