Into a brave new world.

Good morning awesome readers! Today we have made the leap and upgraded the blog. With this upgrade comes some new abilities which I’m in the process of learning now. The most important thing though is more space, so I can keep putting up pictures as I go now. You will also begin seeing some different ads on the site. This is a necessity to help pay for some of the site costs that have been added. With the new adds I have an obligation to keep content “family friendly”. This will not be a problem, it has always been our goal here to be a site that your kids can open up and enjoy too. The other side of the coin is this. Just like I have an obligation to be family friendly, they will also be held to the same standards. If you see an add that is not fitting of this title please let us know at and we will work to make sure that ad never comes back to our site. It’s going to get better quick. With that out of the way. On to the day. The first stop of the day was the feed store. We needed some more shavings because I’d like to keep a bit on hand. I ended up getting a devoted compost bucket with charcoal filter. This will get rid of the need to use Mrs. Lilreds mixing bowls.Up next I need to consider the chicken coop. It was built strong. But not bump it with the camper strong. The new plan is to employ the flat bed trailer that I picked up a while back to move it, and it will be fitted with outriggers and jack legs. Picture if you will a truck bed camper, but loaded with chickens. I know I can make this work. With the landscape timbers acting as outriggers. All I need to do is develop jack legs. For this part. I need to hit a junk yard. I had initially thought to use automotive jack stands. But the cost for stands that span the two feet or so that I need is too high. The new idea is to drill holes in the outriggers, and make up some drop legs with pads. That will be held up or down with pins. Stay tuned. We are chasing this project tomorrow until complete. Until next time…

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