Another busy Saturday on deck.

Good morning readers! Today is packed full. Tons of projects, quite a few errands, some favors for family. It’s going to be a great day. Rolled out to a slow start with some house cleaning that needed attention for a bit. It’s really nice when the house is all clean, this becomes a rarity with kids. So it is best enjoyed when you can get it. The trash is all gathered for a dump run, and the karate belts are ready. With that it’s off to the races. I am exceedingly pleased, I brought in a plain 40 gallon trash pail for recycling and we have cut our trash by 2/3rds. We’ve been composting right along, but only actively segregated cardboard and such. Now we are separating all recycling out. What a difference. On to the chicken house now. The missing part I need is the same material they mount road signs on, it’s all over the place, but I can’t find any to buy. In the mean time I need a chicken house to be where it should be. Let the madness ensue. Goal one is to slide this behemoth onto the trailer. This is a bit rough solo, but I think it’s doable. Sweating buckets, but it’s past the tip point now. It’s easy from here. Now it’s time to slide the coop along the rails and into position. And just like that, all terrain chickens. These baby’s can go anywhere. I cut the long pieces off from the front. Next up we build out the ramp, and install roosts, feeders, and start planning out the pen. Until next time…

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