Ramps, roofs, and roosts.

Good morning readers! Today we are gearing up to outfit the coop to be ready for the girls once the feathers come in. Our first stop is the ramp. Because of the height it will need to be longer to provide a gentle decent from the monster truck coop. The first stop is to notch an angle in the ramp so it sits on the lip of the house. Exotic angles with a skill saw are one of my least favorite things to do in the world. Next, since the angle was a bit steep I’ve given the ramp end a boost of about four inches. This should be nothing for the chickens to clear, and it brings s the slope closer to 45 degreesThen we are off to the slats, and treads. Just like the chicken coop this thing is going to be solid. I’ve opted for the mitre box over the chop saw, because it feels a bit more rewarding to me. Also the chop saw is way in the back of the barn, and I’m likely to break my self getting it out. I’ve spaced the slats at six inches apart. It looks like they will have no trouble at all with them. In order to keep with the mobility theme of the coop I’m going to set up the ramp so it can fasten to the wall of the coop for storage. For this it’s on to the hardware assortment. I’ve gone with hooks and eyes to secure the ramp. It looks pretty good. Next stop is a proper roof for the laying boxes. I used an old inner tube to seal the hinge joint. And then shingled as normal. Leaving a roof that will last a long time. The next stop is a divider for the nesting area to make two boxes. At the moment it is one large one. I’ve got the divider in now, it is tight enough so the chickens can’t knock it over but still is removable, should the need arise. Next it’s on to the roosting sticks, and I think this thing is good to go. In the meantime, we’re having our first batch of currant muffins for breakfast tomorrow. This is only about half of what’s on the Bush. Have a great Sunday afternoon guysUntil next time…

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