Making new plants.

Good morning awesome readers! Today we are starting the morning in the greenhouse making some new plants. I had to trim back one of my mother stock plants, so it’s time to make some more. These are going to be moving into the house where the light is not so intense. The first thing I am going to need is a shelf in a window. I’m honestly amazed I do not have these yet. These windows have the best light. I’m sure the mother stock will thrive in them. The greenhouse tends to get full sun and warm up quite a bit during the day. That should do the trick. The spider plants seem to thrive in the greenhouse so I plan to bring those in later in the year. The cuttings are doing very well since they departed the greenhouse. Misting is also easier since they are on the way to the bathroom, I just mist them on the way through. And these things are growing like wild vines. I am going to begin construction on their run tomorrow. That will get them outside a little bit at a time to start their life there. The dining room has been invaded by farm and greenhouse stuff. You won’t find this in the city, that’s for sure. Here is another oddity that we have. The kids got into the seed bank, and decided they wanted pok Choi. I have no idea why. They also planted watermelons with our neighbors daughter. Each girl got a plant. Now Dad is tasked with finding homes. These will go in somewhere tomorrow. For now though it’s time to 9-5 it. So,Until next time…

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