Building the workspace

Good morning readers! The chicken coop has been road tested and it works! It’s too heavy though so the speeds have to be kept way down. No racing for the chooks. The next stop is to create them a work space. One that can be moved around from site to site. For that we turn to 2×4’sAnd with that it’s off to the lab. A quick trip to the pad of paper for some math. My youngest daughter helped me out with the numbers. I’m no expert but hers look much cooler than mine. We have decided on a 36 square foot work area for the girls which makes a 6×6 box that needs to be built. This will allow 6′ per bird in a tractor style run that will move every 1-2 days depending on what work I have them doing. Now before anyone screams inhumane, bad hooman and all that other stuff. This is only a working box. I am going to construct them a larger classical run in the near future. This is to get them rolling and started off. To make this workspace we will need… and this is depending on who’s math your going with, either 72 board feet of lumber; or an orange tree. Since I have the needed board feet we will use my math. The top and bottom rails of the box will need two six foot pieces each. Because the name of the game here is easy mobility, I am going to make the box fit the garden trailer. So my original thought of 3′ tall is out the window. The new height is 2’5″. This will allow a half inch of wiggle in the trailer when it is loaded. Once again it’s back to the math pad. The next step is making everything fit together nicely. This is not fine cabinetry, but should be pretty darn good for chickens. Because my wire is only three feet tall I need to have a strut half way, and to increase rigidity there will be one on the bottom. To keep these from looking clunky I am grooving the boards to fit together. I’ve now got the four pieces notched where they need to be. When we pick up tomorrow we will be cutting the smaller pieces and putting this puppy together. Until next time…

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