Something a bit different today

Once again the online market fairy has struck. I found a person with tons of free dirt. All I’ve got to do is come out and shovel it into the truck. There in the middle is my inconsequential little hole in the mountain. This is good dirt. Forest dirt. Very rich, and ready to go. The first load is set. It’s off, back to the homestead to unload. We are going to unload and screen at the same time. It will save a step in the future when we go to use it for production. The screened dirt looks amazing. It feels like it has a bit more clay than the last bunch. It should serve us well. In the spirit of not wasting, we are also upgrading our garden path as we go along. There is a good amount of shale in the soil so it’s making a great path. Ever the glutton for punishment. I give you load two. This one is processing much slower than the last one. The shovel has put on weight I suppose. At long last the second load is screened, and piled up. We are left with a great scene as the sun sets over our actual garden path. There is still some work to go on it though. We have almost made it past the hazelnut tree. We also planted a rock wall seed. I’m really hoping this one grows. From here it’s on to the chicken office. The girls need out, that’s for sure. Until next time…

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