This may be more complex than I had thought.

Good morning readers. It’s a bright sunny day here and I’m out building the coop some more. Today the focus is on joining the coop to the working box.

If you remember from yesterday I left off here. The task of engineering this ramp is proving a bit tough.

We will begin with a set of upright supports to build on.

The boards I have chosen to use for the ramp are just a bit short to span the length comfortably, so I’ll add a third set of uprights in the middle. This will make for an overhead on the ends that can be trimmed to suit.

Here we are at the end of the day, I’ve once again run out of time.

I’ve decided to make the feet on the end of the ramp sit in the work area, this will help a little more with locking it in place. This is becoming quite the project.

Until next time…

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