Assembly day!

Good morning my awesome readers! Today is a long awaited day for sure. Today we are going to get the three elements of the chicken space assembled!

I can in no way say this was easy, but anything worth having is not easy. We begin the day by getting the ramp fitted to the coop side. With a little trimming it came right together.

The next chore is getting all three pieces in the same area, so it’s off to the tractor. The work area was a bit of a harrowing experience. The center of gravity was so high, and the wheelbase on the garden trailer is narrow. Every rock made it seem like we were going over. We emerged triumphant though.

Now that the three pieces are married up, I can see the beast that has been created, in all its glory.

This is leading me to believe that I need about ten more acres. It will surely take some creative wiggling to employ this unit for sure.

Well as with any project around the house, it has the potential to devolve into a playground run. We are pretty fortunate to have some good ones near by.

After the playground, it’s back to work. The final bit of chicken wire is in. Tomorrow morning we introduce some birds to this thing!

There are still some minor bugs to work out, but at least now the birds can begin to occupy it while I tinker.

Some of the minor bugs are the doors that need to be reconfigured, I have to block off the nesting boxes until it’s time to lay. I also need to screw in a few roosting benches, and give it some shavings. The big feeders will also need to be installed. There is still a bunch of work to do, but we have cleared the biggest hurdle.

Until next time…

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