Garden pruning, and chicken tuning

Good morning readers! Today it’s back to the garden. I have a few beds that have been taken over by weeds.

This one here is not really a weed, but the buckwheat has taken over and needs to be trimmed down. It is also going to expose a lost civilization of cucumbers that inhabited the forest for quite a while.

I took down what I could without ravaging the cucumbers. They were doing pretty well in there. One had a hold of a lot of buckwheat. Next it’s off to the berm. For some reason the nettles decided to take up residence there among the beans.

One note on buckwheat. Be ready to see it everywhere once you plant it. It’s beneficial, bit it’s everywhere now. Thankfully their roots are not that deep, and they come right out. The beans are looking better already. I have a bunch to harvest out too.

In my rush to complete the chicken work space I forgot to add an access door. Another list item fixed.

Well it’s about dark, and the chickens are having nothing to do with going to bed. This should be challenging.

Until next time…

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