A week of rain on the way

Good morning readers. It’s another great Sunday, and we have some rain on the horizon.

The ‘ole barely right weather man has called down a week of rain for us. I hope you can forgive my skepticism, but his track record is a bit lack luster. I do hope he is right though because the chickens scratching is turning up dust. All of the grass around here is crunchy, it’s a fire waiting to happen.

It is good though. The rain, if it comes will open an opportunity for a myriad of indoor projects that have been back burnered.

I am really not in love with this connected ramp. The trouble is all three pieces have to be perfectly level to connect right.

If they are not, it leaves gaps. The gaps really aren’t that big, but gaps are bad when it comes to tasty feather snacks. I am going to be re thinking this in the near future.

Today we are using our leftover egg shells for the chickens. I’ve ground them up pretty fine, though I’ve heard people just toss them in while and it’s fine too. I suppose it’s like a lot of other things with chickens, there’s no wrong way.

My youngest daughter and I are off to get some more free dirt now, in between rain drops.

The second load of the day is going directly into the bed in the back yard. I’ve grown tired of lookin at it half done, and since I’ve now got this great resource open to me I may as well finish it up.

I didn’t quite make it, but there is plenty more dirt to get next weekend.

So after the second night of corralling chicks with a little flower bed rake, I’m spent with that. From what I have been reading you have to instill the “home” position. So this week the mini raptors will be enjoying the indoor life to try to make this a bit easier, since the kids will be the ones tucking them in at night since I have to be at work. Let’s hope it works.

Time for some water to recharge, and a good nights rest.

Until next time…

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