The Monday blockage

Today is one of those days where nothing wants to move including me. It rained last night, but the temp never dropped, so in order to go outside you need to cut the air before you breath it. There is no breeze so the air just sits on you like a wool blanket. I think I now know how our old Rottie felt on these days yuk.

The chickens are all confined to the coop for the week so that home position can imprint. Missing this step explains why I had to crawl into a tiny space and fish them all out to get them into the coop.

We have our first round of food ready to come out of the garden. There are at least three zucchini ready to go, and scores of beans. We have also been snacking on currants, and berries galore. The raspberry bushes are doing great this year. In the greenhouse I have tree starts of some peppers, and the tomatoes are full of flowers. This year is going really well for food.

This guy refuses to leave the a/c. I really can’t say that I blame him.

While we wait on the weather, I’ve been working on rebooting the podcast. With the site here upgraded I can host the podcast here. Look for that in the next couple days.

I thought the learning curve for videos was steep, welcome to the world of audio. I’m beginning to feel like it’s time to cordon off a section of the house to myself.

Until next time…

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