Tuesday’s take, and other adventures on the homestead

Good morning awesome readers! Today we took our first pull from the garden. Man it feels good.

I also have the herbs and mint a haircut, fresh herbs are a welcome commodity here. It’s looking like currant muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning. My mouth is watering already. A currant muffin, and a cup of coffee can make even the worst day bearable.

Next it’s off to get this bounty put away. For the herbs, the best way to use them is fresh. The second best is to air dry them. To that end I have tasked a couple broiler pans that we never use to be an air dry rack. A couple scraps of trim lumber hold them up, and off from one another so he air can pass through.

After a quick wash and shake to remedy bugs and dirt it’s a quick pat dry and onto the rack.

Everything gets a nice even spacing and set out to dry. The mint is going to be dried in another fashion. With the mint I am going to hang it inside of a bag to dry.

We start out by poking holes in the bag, and labeling it with the date. The mint is still a little wet so it will get a little longer to dry. When I washed it I removed any damaged, or brown leaves. I also cleared the stem a little bit so we can tie rope onto it. Any light rope on hand will do. For this I have some simple jute twine. I’ve started by tying all the sprigs together into a bunch.

From there it’s into the bag, where some simple slip knots allow the whole bag to be hung up to dry. I will check back on this in a couple weeks to see how things are going.

There is something hypnotic, even meditative about cutting beans. Very relaxing.

The scraggly looking picking cucumbers, and all the bean ends go to the chickens. We have some spoiled birds. Whatever beans survive supper time will get frozen, and it’s time for some zucchini bread, with thick pads of butter.

Until next time…

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