Setting the barn in order

We have been busy with a lot of building tasks lately. When that is coupled with some lack of discipline the results are quite a mess. It’s time to clean the barn.

The first step is the army of screws and nails that seem to multiply with every project.

This is an insanely rustic solution, but it is functional which is all I need. The bins were being given out where I work and I saw no need for them to be in a dumpster somewhere so they got a new life. The wood is simply leftovers from the recent chicken building spree.

Next it’s sorting all the small scraps of lumber that fuel so many of our projects here. I don’t mind having all kinds of lumber on hand, but it is all over the place. The solution to this must be compact since this winter I will need to shoe horn eight tons of wood pellets into this barn.

The hardest part of jobs like these is making myself get rid of what I know to be scrap. I suffer from a bit of mechanicitis.

For now the useable lumber is all stowed. Each piece being marked at its nearest good foot.

I took a break for supper, and not long after we got a call. The cat had appeared on the neighbors porch. They were not kidding. He was on the roof to their porch. So I went to the rescue, and got the cat home. You know what I got for a thank you? All tore up.

Some less than quality individual saw a guy walking with a cat, and decided that would be the best time to shout out the window. At least the cats back on the property, somewhere.

I think I’ll call it a day.

Until next time…

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