The raptors are loose!

Good morning awesome readers! Today it’s been a week, and the little velociraptors are loose once more. We also have a new addition to the family. Meet Tango.

This little fella came home with us last night. He is already a great addition to the homestead.

Does this dog make my chickens look big?

Today I’m going to do some work on the ramp so that I do not have to disconnect everything each night. The plan is to install a sliding door in place of the swinging ones that are there now.

Where we go next with this is kind of important. The edges of the door have a good backing, and can hold the slide frames securely with no trouble. The bottom however has, or rather will have a gap the width of the doors thickness. If this is left it will give a would be predator a pry point to gain access.

The base material is going to be from a regular 2×10 pine board.

With the frame cut out and notched it is time to turn to the door itself. For that I needed some heavier equipment. The door will be made of metal that I have on hand from some old shelves.

With all the pieces cut, and fit together it’s time to drill the mounting holes for the frame.

Needless to say that is the design, but sometimes the measuring leaves something to be desired. It needs to be bigger.

I give you chicken slide door 2.0. Bigger and stronger.

This time around instead of a 45 degree angle to join the pieces, I notched them out to the desired outside size. Now the frame is a connected unit that will simply attach to the face of the coop.

With the door mounted and sliding a chain is installed to keep the apparatus from becoming a hazard.

With that, it is just rinse and repeat on the other side, perhaps a little modification to the ramp, and the unit will function properly.

Until next time…

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