The lazy days of August.

Good morning awesome readers! Things are progressing nicely here. Everything is in place and the systems are working. It’s times like these where we tend to let ourselves relax. Is it wrong? No, but moderation is key to all things. The chickens are in their third rotation now and their benefits can already be seen.

They were on this spot two weeks ago, and it already looks healthier than it did. I did not let them work this spot very far since I’m still learning how long it takes for them to process a section. This second spot they stayed on a little longer. It doesn’t look great yet but I can notice for sure that the plant life is coming back stronger.



I have yet to rake it over to clean the debris up but that is on today’s list.

The dog has found something interesting in the woodshed, I’m thinking it’s a squirrel.

Every time he’s out he’s combing the thing looking for whatever is in there. It’s good, that is his job.

The greenhouse is on auto pilot for the most part, a little water here and there everything is growing nicely. I’m still amazed at the acceleration that a greenhouse offers. The peppers that live in here dwarf the standard garden peppers by a huge margin.

Today seems to be one of those days where no clear plan presents itself, where simply wandering and admiring all the things that are happening on the homestead seems to suffice. The best part is, I’m ok with that.

I took a stroll through the garden as well, making sure nothing was too parched. I also applied fish juice where needed, and we got another mini harvest.

Zucchini and cucumbers that actually look great! I even got one cuke for the birds. The kids and I then whipped up a chicken treat bowl. They loved it. We had spent egg shells, cucumbers, and yogurt.

We have been doing a few things around the site as well to make it a little nicer to use and read.

Until next time…



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