Friday, o back office Friday

Once again I find myself waiting on the rain to come. The sky is a dismal shade of gray, so it should be along soon. This being the case I’m in the office today working on the site. It is lovingly referred to as an office, but in reality it’s a computer sitting on a repurposed air hockey table. Even at the ripe old age of 37

Shameless Monty Python reference. Link to scene included for youngsters that have never known the joy

Dennis Scene

I am still learning after all this time, it seems that every day some new thing pops up that I have not seen before. This is a great thing. It is a blessing to be continually challenged it ensures that the path never gets boring, and the journey never seems long.

While setting all of this up, and getting the podcast ready I’ve created a tumblr account. Now there is another new thing to learn. If you are a tumblr user you can find us now at

Our new tumblr page

The podcast is progressing nicely I should be able to tape it later tonight for tomorrow. I’m realizing I’m not the greatest at building these things. That’s ok though. It pulls me from a comfort zone and into new horizons; which is an incredibly important, and often overlooked skill that we must exercise as homesteaders. We must Exercise it as humans for that matter.

If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way.

-Mark Twain

Who among us has not felt as though they were holding a cat by the tail while trying to learn the process of building our homesteads?

A mindset of continuous learning ensures that you never become irrelevant, or outdated. it ensures that skills stay fresh, sharp and up to date.

Some of the best places I’ve found to stay sharp are right here on the internet.

  • YouTube: This site can be a great source of knowledge. It is a double edged sword though. There are enough people out there doing the same thing that the knowledge can transmit, but you need to use discretion with what you choose to follow. Always get a second opinion
  • This site is a paid subscription site but they have more learning, on such a vast variety of topics.
  • Forums: If you are doing it, there is a forum for it. All it takes is a quick google search.
  • Social media: There are so many groups on these pages, all of them with people that are doing just the same thing you are. Again, it’s a double edged sword, and you will need to use your own filter.
  • Blogs: Like this one here. Never be afraid to learn from the actions of others. Blogs are a great place to learn what works and what fails. You may be able to take the failure of another, and make it work.
  • Community: Here is a great source of knowledge, talk to your neighbors, friends, local business owners. If you have an old farmer near by, you have just struck a gold mine. If you are fortunate enough to still have your grandparents around, ask them a question, and then shush and listen (preferably with a pencil and note pad) Our forbears have such a wealth of knowledge that gets simply lost, many of us wish we could shush and listen again.

Now I challenge you. Go out there and learn something new today. Learn something that has interested you for a long time, and you never got around to. Learn a new skill.
Learn something. Then let me know what it was.

Until next time…

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