Good morning my awesome readers. It’s inevitable. The wood pellets have arrived once more, to herald the start of another cold season. The task now becomes getting all these pallets in the barn.

As much as I would love to say this is a one day project, it is not. There are some pretty good roadblocks to it before I’ve even started. Firstly the amount needed has doubled from last year, so the space required to store it has also doubled accordingly.
This has raised concerns about weight on the barn floor for me. The barn is many many times older than me, it would break my heart to have it collapse because of stupidity on my part. This year we are going to do something a bit different. We are going to utilize the understory of the barn, and the nicely built tractor path around the property. To get there the understory needs to be prepared first. This means cleaning and organizing… ugg.

With the organizing complete it’s on to the task at hand. Have I told you guys how much I love my little tractor? It easily pulls fifteen bags at a time, cutting my work load drastically.

The first fifteen bags are in place setting the format for the rest. It’s hot and sweaty, but it will pay off in the end. This is feeling like double work, but it is double work that makes sense. It is also more efficient than taking in firewood by hand so far. The tractor is making this child’s play.

The first ton is in. Now it’s time for lunch. After a quick break and a trip into town to complete some errands, it’s back to work. While I was out I took a leap and tried kombucha. Generally I shy from things fermented, but I think I have been wrong. This stuff was amazing. I also ventured to the hardware store. The chicken work cell that I built is turning out to be pretty cumbersome, and while it still has uses it won’t fit with what I want a chicken office to do. So I have another solution.

I give you the truly ALL terrain chicken office that fits better with the girls off road lifestyle. Our land is not completely flat, it has a wide range of slopes, dips, and bumps. To address these with the 6×6 pen would be a ton of extra work, and some spots, like the spot seen here simply cannot be done with the box.

Here is the more versatile chicken work space. It looks open on the top, but there is a net over it. The net is held in place with some  clothes pins that were extra in the clothes pin bucket. They should do an  alright job until the girls decide it’s time to take to the friendly skies. This pen, like the other 6×6 is for day use only, and if you notice the deck in the background, I’m never far from the girls. Before I was able to move them I had to bribe them. Luckily I had some cabbage worms on hand. In all fairness I told the worms last time that bad things would happen if they came back. I’m glad I decided to check the broccoli, and other plants tonight. they would have done massive damage if they had not been caught. Now they are hunting and working a spot that has been a problem for a long time, and the family gets something better than a tv to watch.




Until next time…


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