Sunday battling the tractor.

Hey awesome readers! It’s about 90 out and I’m moving wood pellets. The tractor is up to it’s old tricks again, so every couple of loads I have to let it cool off. The urge to run and get another one is overwhelming, since it is being such a pain. I do have the parts I need on order now so it won’t be long before it’s fixed.

It is just maddening that equipment always goes down when you need it the most. It never fails.

This has led me to a bit of a road trip. I found another tractor online for $100. I’m off to check it out. If I can make it run well, I can put the GT2000 in the shop without missing a beat here on the homestead.

The $100 miracle, well it wasn’t. It was a good looking tractor but it was a tinker project waiting to happen. I simply do not have time for that now. I did get a great drive though. It took me on winding roads through valleys with farms on either side. It’s hating season too, so the smell was amazing. I also caught a great sunset on the ride home. Thankfully I had my sunglasses, as the sun looked like it was setting directly into the road ahead.

I guess for now I can rest knowing that the parts are on order, and I can pick up a fuel pump tomorrow morning and get back to work.

I got some time tonight to listen to the chickens babble on about their day over some grain. That is quite relaxing to be perfectly honest. They are beginning to recognize their names now and come when they are called (should they be so inclined). They are very much between cats and dogs in that aspect.

The weather man is calling down a glorious day with highs in the 90’s tomorrow. It will be the perfect day to get stuff done.

With that I am fixing to retire for the evening, and perhaps sit on the deck for a bit with a cold drink.

Until next time…

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