Time for a new carb

Good morning readers! With the new fuel pump in place it’s on to the next trouble point with the tractor. The carburetor.

The carburetor that is on the machine now is the original carburetor from the factory I believe. It’s fairly worn, and to be honest I have neither the time, skills, or patience to tinker around. There is to much work to do. This being the case I’ve just bought a brand new unit.

First I’ve got to take off the air box and disconnect all the connections to the carb.

While not as complex as a cars carburetor this thing still has a bunch of connections. It is after all the heart of the machine.

The carburetor if you are wondering is the small section the screwdriver is touching. To the left is just an elbow to hook on the air box, and to the right is the intake manifold. Below you see the gaping hole where the old carburetor was.

Next the elbow needs to come off since it will be getting re used with the new carburetor.

That is a matter of three screws, and being VERY careful not to trash the seal. The new carburetor only came with a manifold seal.

The new carburetor came through lacking the fuel shutoff solenoid that the old one has. I have simply taped off the wires that the solenoid used and left them in place. To the best of my knowledge all this thing does is prevent backfires on shutting down. If yo set the motor back to idle before shutting down is does the same thing most of the time. The times that it does not… well it keeps the neighbors on their toes.

The final step is bolting the new assembly in, and making all the connections.

Things will need a little dialing in as I go, but the unit is whole again, and the tractor is running amazingly well. We have cured the shutting down from the fuel pump, and the need to choke it to death to make it run. I’m going to call this a 100% success.

The only major project left is the leaky front shaft seal. Once this is done I will have a very strong motor on my hands.

Until next time…

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