Thursday challenge: pick a direction.

Thursday is upon us once more. I have a great running tractor, and a ton of things to do. Stop the presses. Ladies and gentlemen… we have corn!

This unruly mop of corn fuzz is the first ear of corn produced. On our homestead!

I picked up a great deal on a truck cap the other day. The color doesn’t match, but I’m ok with that. I attempted to remove the plastic tailgate topper so that it would close properly, only to discover the tailgate is full of factory holes underneath! They just don’t build things like they used to.

This is a very welcome addition. It means I can store stuff now, and it stays dry! That is huge after almost five years of trying to store everything in the little tiny cab and having everyone feel cramped. Stay tuned for the build out of this thing.

From there it’s off to the next task. General cleanup around the homestead. A lot of times when the tasks stack up the housekeeping slides a bit. It’s a good idea to stop completely sometimes and loop back.

This is the perfect time since the garden is growing, and the chickens are comfortably working their area.

There is rain called for this afternoon, and then three days of really great weather. So today is also about setting up to make the most of the coming nice weather. The compost has been turned, and switched in its bins to be ready for the grass clippings tomorrow

The hardest thing is when the day gets away from you.

Until next time…

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