Pellets, parts, and poutine

Good morning awesome readers! It’s Friday once more, and we’re pushing the work ahead. First up this morning, the pellets. With the tractor running like brand new this chore is a breeze. There are only two more tons to move. The best part is I’m not exhausted from moving them, which gives more bandwidth to carry on with other projects afterwards.

Only two remain now. One of which will be left upstairs to start the winter. It’s a good feeling watching these go away. It is a race though. The front seal on the tractor seems to have gotten worse. That will surely be the next project on the books.

We dove right in, and it looks like it’s going to be too much project for today.

The cowl came right off easily but in order to get to the seal we need to take off the electric PTO.

we will be back at it tomorrow, but now it’s time for lunch. Everyone has decided poutine is the order of the day.

Until next time…

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