Rain rain go away.. no wait stay

Good morning readers! We are once again at a stopping point due to rain. Sort of. I’ve decided to work in the rain today. There is far too much to do for sitting around.

The first order here is setting things in their place. Which has been getting put to the back burner for a while now. All the little things like shovels and rakes that just get set down. They all have homes which I often forget when I get busy.

Along the way. I’ve gotten the first bed in the back yard setup and complete.

This will be growing food next year. From there it’s off to the greenhouse. I have a ton of baby strawberries that need pots, and general upkeep.

It’s a jungle in here. I’ve managed to make eight more strawberry plants, with about five more on the way. I’ve also got spider plant babies coming along nicely. Even one of the kiwi plants, which I thought was dead is growing.

from there it’s on to collecting the nitrogen. About half way through the starter rope gave up on life. Another project for the pile. Speaking of piles. We have got a lovely pile of compost lasagna going on right now.

After this it’s off to cook some supper. I happened to land on a Ken Burns documentary while I am waiting on the oven. It’s about the dust bowl. I have not seen this one before. I could not begin to imagine how bad that would be to have huge walls of dust just descend on you from out of the blue.

Until next time…

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