Podcast Episode 2 is here!


Hey Readers! the house is quiet, and the second episode of the podcast is here. Today we discuss getting local, and what a family farm really means.

As always, we have great Music to go with this podcast from Kelly Burke an extremely great local artist, and fellow farmer. Head on over and check out his work at


In the episode I reference an article about a trucker strike in India. you can find that Here

Below you will find the show notes from today. I will work on making these a little nicer to read and enjoy.

Get more Local

  • In a just in time world, setup for delivering the most fresh items from long distant points, what happens if that breaks?
  • Look at what you use that is brought in by truck
    • Food
      • How much of the food you eat is dependent on transport for it to reach to your table?
    • How about the clothes you are wearing? Shoes? 
      • Do you even know how to make clothes? Or anyone that does?
    • Auto parts, fuel
      • Would you be ready to go without a car?
    • Home supplies, general commodity items. 
      • Is your home in good enough repair to go without for a while?
  • Can these factors be stopped?
    • No but they can be mitigated to an extent
  • Mitigation
    • Take a look at your food supply in it’s current state
      • Do you grow anything that you need?
        • If you do is it enough?
      • Do you know your local meat producers? Or can you produce your own?
    • Clothing and all items.
      • Take a look around, how much of this stuff can be produced, or brought from closer to home?
      • Are there local creators of these items?
  • Should this instill panic?
    • No 
    • But as homesteaders it is something that needs to be looked at on a long term scale.
    • Like everything else take on the task in small steps
  • So much to think about, where to start first?
    • Start with the elements of life that you cannot live without.
      • Water
      • Food
      • Shelter
      • Energy
    • Then stop and re evaluate, and take another step

The Family Farm

  • The official definition
    • a farm on which the farmer and members of his family do a substantial part of the work Merriam Websters site
    • Pretty vague
    • No reference to size, scope, types of food or activity
  • My definition
    • Your land, where your family resides
      • Size does not matter
    • Your family does the work
    • You grow something, or raise something.. Or build something
      • Doesn’t matter what, or how much
      • A simple garden makes a farm
  • Can you make one on micro acreage?
    • Absolutely! 
    • Will develop a tighter knit set of skills, that will be adapted toward greater harmony
      • why: space breeds conflict for both resources, time, and space itself
      • You learn faster how to adapt the individual elements to function in the smaller space that you have.
        • Animal rotation becomes more “tactical” while needing to still be strategic
      • You face challenges that you would not otherwise have on a large property
        • Additional micro climates
        • Inability to bulldoze problem areas
          • Meaning you cannot take heavy equipment to mis shaped land
        • Finite resources on the land itself
          • If not managed correctly a small piece of land will be destroyed much faster than a larger one, simply because of volume
    • You will face less challenge from overhead, costs
      • No need for large equipment
      • Less requirement on feed
      • Smaller flocks, and herds demand less feed/medical
      • Less call for larger infrastructure
  • Benefits
    • Every challenge listed above has a benefit to it, some have multiple benefits. 


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