Tuesday up before the sun

Good morning awesome readers! The title conveys a lot. What it doesn’t convey is that getting up before the sun keeps getting easier and easier as we race into fall. This will not discourage us! No! We are the salt of he earth, tough as nails…. I don’t know about all that, but we are up and taking coffee anyway.

The best part of being up so early, besides being able to take my time making breakfast for the kiddos is I don’t get judgmental looks from the chickens. They are very particular on when they get out in the morning, and tardiness is rarely suffered. If you’ve ever sat through a chicken lecture, it’s not much fun.

There’s some desk work this morning too. In the very near future, like when I get done filling out the forms. The Lilredhomestead podcast will be heading for the iTunes Store. This will allow you guys to take the podcast with you o the run, and share it with friends. I’m pretty excited about that last part.

There we go folks! We are on down the road to an actual podcast. I have no idea how long the approval process is, but rest assured you will all know when it happens.

Onward now to more productive ventures. Breakfast! I felt like a giant omelet was the order of the day, so ham and cheese it is. Have I told you all how useful these griddles are lately?

On the advise of a Facebook group that I follow I’ve decided to sit down after breakfast and watch a film called sustainable. Guys. I kid you not. You need to watch this documentary. It is eye opening, and inspiring. I’m getting a whole new perspective on wheat. It’s got me thinking is this could be a viable possibility for the micro homesteader. I also really want to make bread now.

Next it’s out to the garden to plant some trees. I have a lilac, and what I was told is called a butterfly tree. Both have come from sucker cuttings and have been in pots all year. They both have amazing root formation already.

That’s about it for today. It’s looking like the weather will continue to be nice here for a while so we will keep moving forward.

Until next time…

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