Tunnels for chickens, and desperate need of motivation

Good morning awesome readers! Today we set out on making tunnels for chickens. These will allow me to put the chickens to work deeper in the garden without having to drive the coop over the garden space.

We begin here, with raw 2×4 lumber and a saw. The first step is to cut off the cross slats. My plan is to have three supports along the eight foot length.

Next up, holes in the side boards will prevent the wood from splitting, and give the drill an easier time working.

With the frames made they will need wire supports. For this I’ve got some half inch plastic tubing. Which is simply screwed on to make a more rigid hoop.

Next up it’s time for wire. The wire however has other ideas.

Once the chicken wire began cooperating it was all stapled down. After that a few zip ties to hold the ribs up and it is ready to go.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be able to put this to work. I will need to wait on the second one, as I do not have enough chicken wire left, but they were very easy to build.

Until next time…

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