No more pen. No more pain in the bottom

Today I kinda snapped. After having to move the calamity of a chicken pen that I have. I calmly dis-assembled it and smoothly opened the door to the coop.

There were a few moments of nail biting worry as they wandered here and there. They found them selves up next to the road and the first loud truck sent them bolting right back to the middle of the yard.

They have already straightened out the cat. And claimed the garden for their own. This only works because it is fall. Everything is done growing.

They have been waiting to get in here for weeks. Somewhere in the enjoyment it hit me. I’ve got to go to work. And these six can’t be loose unattended yet. So it was a game of catch. The first four got suckered in for some grain and oyster shells. The last two were having nothing to do with that. It was game on. Somewhere in the back of my head eye of the tiger was playing. The nice lady that came to buy some extra rain barrels that I had, thought my negotiation with the chickens was hilarious.

In the end I emerged victorious and the six hooligan chickens are back in the house. I’ve even got some extra time to hang out with the dogs.

Ok. So my negotiations weren’t exactly “Art of the deal” the last man standing got a selfie.

Until next time…

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