A fall day filled with accomplishments

Good morning readers! We’re busy today. Broke out of he funk, and we’re off and running once more. The chickens are once again roaming free in the yard. They have chosen the sunflowers as their HQ

I have the sneaking suspicion that this garden is going to explode next year.

I also took a bit of time and made a holding area for the trash. Since I got the truck cap, putting the rubbish in the back of the truck is no longer an option I can stomach.

It’s not the prettiest out building but it will do for now. Getting the trash off the porch keeps the whole family happy.

I’ve also gotten the workhorse back in the barn, and out of the elements.

This will help in the winter when it comes time to bring pellets around to restock. After an amazing lunch I’ve sat down with the richest man in Babylon for some reading before work.

Until next time…


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