Changes on the horizon..

Good morning awesome readers. I am facing some changes in life. It is true that if you do not choose your path, it will be chosen for you. My current job is evaporating out from under me in the next couple months. While everything is ok, and we are ready to face the change here on the homestead. it opens the door to some choices. The difficult part is choosing the next path. I want it to lead where I want to go, in a manner that is not dictated to me.

The time has come to look at making my own business, in a serious fashion. Today has been a lot of research into how to find a good lawyer and CPA. there is a ton of info out there, and everyone has an opinion so there is a lot to sift through. I’m also planning to reach out to friends in business already and seek their guidance.

I’m excited that I am able to look at this positively. My initial reaction was not that great, but I sat down, and put some thought into it. This process will be fun, and defined by me.

I’ll keep you all updated as it rolls on.

Until next time…

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