A hair raising night, and updates.

Good morning awesome readers! I hope you are all doing well. Today the sun shines, and the sky is beautiful. Work here on the homestead has slowed down quite a bit, but it still rolls on. We had our first good scare last night with the chickens.

I was pulling up to the driveway after work, and saw something on the side of the road. It looked like a discarded cardboard box, because people cannot seem to grasp that their car window is not a trash can. I was a little angry with the litter bugs, until that first head popped up. Anger turned to shock when I realize that it was not a cardboard box sitting on the white line of the road, it was all my chickens!

Capture operations quickly started, luckily for me they had somehow managed to go to sleep there and were very docile. There I was with a chicken under each arm, and a flashlight between my teeth. Picking my way back to the chicken house while simultaneously trying to calm and reassure the rest of the flock so they would not go out into the road. They were convinced that where they were was the best place to be. I managed to get the first two on the ramp, and was treated to some very confused chicken looks. After instructing them to stay there (I know instructions to chickens. right?) I went back for the second arm load. By this point they were more coherent, and I was bitten several times for my heroics.

Once again with a chicken under each arm I carefully picked my way over the garden paths, carefully stuffing the second two in behind the first two, who apparently were still confused. Final trip, don’t let any cars come.

The last trip were the holdouts, by this time they were awake, and rather upset that I had woken them. They were still convinced that this white line was the ultimate best spot to be. I was able to scoop one with mild bites, the second, I could have really used some eye of the tiger. but in the end I got her, and she was quite displeased.

So now I have four confused chickens parked on the ramp and not moving. what to do now? then I remembered, light. They move to light. So after stuffing the fifth chicken onto the ramp, they were firmly bound up, in what can only be described as a feathery traffic jam. I took the last chicken around to the big door. I set my flashlight on the roost and parked the irate chicken in the bedding. After a couple minutes of calling to the rest they got the picture, and came inside.

What had happened is the door had not been closed. although I’m a little confused as to why they came back out. I’ve closed the door late before and they were all inside sound asleep. I checked the whole coop very carefully for any predators or signs there of. I found nothing. I can only guess that they took a midnight stroll to the road to ponder the age old question…

As for projects on the homestead here, many have been put on hold with the coming changes. Changes coupled with winter coming have really ground the pace down, but not to despair. there is lots coming. the future looks better than ever! so long as I can keep the chickens out of trouble.


until next time…

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