How do you snow day? Here’s how we do it.

The day starts with a call at 5:30. The superintendent calling a full stop to school for the day. Coffee and a couple of our favorite TV shows until the sun decides to come up. The. It’s bundle up and clear the snow. Life must go on regardless of school. A second shoveling shortly after due to an over zealous snow plow driver and it’s off to breakfast.

With four wheel drive, we can go most anywhere. It’s a real treat. Off to the restaurant! Two hungry kiddos in tow.

We arrive at one of our favorite local diners. Even though we don’t come often it is always a treat when we do. The town you eat in depends on which side of the restaurant you sit on. The atmosphere is one that has you expecting to see a ’40s Plymouth full of teens in poodle skirts stopping by for a hamburger on their way to the sock hop.

With appetites fulfilled we pick our way to the next stop. Back home on egg watch. It appears we have some noon time layers on our hands. All three eggs so far have been in the afternoon to evening. I’m starting to think the chickens are sick of me checking on them every five seconds.

After a third round of shoveling its time to kick back with a warm coffee, and some more favorite shows.

when everyone settles in for the night it’s off for my walk and a good evening coffee before settling in for the night.

Until next time…

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