Meet up and improving the blog

The other day while working on the blog I found the events section on the dashboard. It took me to a site called meetup. Generally I would have hit the back button on something like that but my curiosity had been engaged. I had to know more. I followed the prompts and was quickly entered into a wordpress meetup about categories and tags. Cool, I thought to myself. Something new to try with all the extra spare time I’ve had as of late. And it will help with organizing the blog a bit better for all of you. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I am now sitting in a futuristic looking conference room in an innovation center some sixty miles from home.

The drive over the mountain to get here was amazing as always. I was not fast enough to get a good picture of the ski slopes, bi they were there in full operation. It is quite a sight to see.

While here and early I had occasion to wander around a little bit and found a store selling wooden toys and an assortment of rocking horses. They had closed already so I did not get a chance to go inside, but their storefront was amazing.

As I sit here now. Very early for the meeting it is very quiet and a great place to write. Back on the homestead the chickens have begun laying. We have now two eggs, and many more to come.

The weather is slated to turn cold in the coming weekend. -6 by the latest report. I have sent the tractor to the shop to have some work done. It has gotten some water in the hydraulic fluid, and will not move until it is changed. I’m hoping to have that back in time to move the chickens closer to the house and get a heat lamp set up.

On the greenhouse side of things I now have replaced the lumber for framing that out. Look for those posts In the coming days. I’ve also secured all the seeds to get the hanging baskets going for the spring. We are looking to begin those this week.

Back to that conference room. Vivid bright colors. It’s quite nice really. As people begin to arrive. Introductions are made. I am feeling very welcomed, which is very good. The meet up went well and there were some really good bits of information that will help us out here at the blog.

Until next time…

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