Tangible Tradeable, and Perhaps a Budding Solution part two:

In a previous post we took a look at the history of fiat, and some of the reasons it has come about. We also looked at some possible solutions to detach from it a bit in our lives as homesteaders. You can find that Here.

Metals and crypto are alright solutions, but they are kind of clunky for day to day use. Crypto because it is still a budding technology, and metals because the value continuously fluctuates, and it’s not commonly recognized as spendable currency.

Today we zoom in a bit, looking for solutions that can be implemented close to home. Solutions that can snap into day to day life on the micro scale.

barter is made difficult by the formality established between fiat and the supply chain. While it is possible to establish a barter relationship with a supplier, it would be difficult. It would likely not include the realm of material items. This is because like you, their supply chain is set up for fiat money.

Where barter has a chance to shine though is in negotiations for time. People tend to gravitate toward fiat money for their time because it is the easiest path. This is where forming these local relationships is so important.

so I challenge you. Take a look at what you can do, and what you can do well. Then take a look around your community and see who needs those skills.

Until next time…

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