Steps forward slowly in the cold

Good morning awesome readers. We are making headway as we move toward spring. The greenhouse is being rehabilitated when the weather allows.

The plan is to build strong new walls and a new arch to hold the roof

We have dipped back to meat zero temperatures so it has been slow going. We will not be stopped though. Indoors the hanging baskets for this season are off to a great start.

We are also working to create more house plants and some of the more fancy varieties as well.

The tractor is back on the homestead after a hydraulic fluid change. It is nice to have this work horse back.

The honeymoon is short lived though. After thawing the new hydraulic fluid out so it would move, I promptly got it stuck on the side hill

After getting it out from that predicament I finally got the pellets I wanted in the house. And the starter has now decided to act up.

So now the tractor sits directly in the way of everything until I can dig into the starter and make it work again. It generally would not be a problem, but whoever designed this thing decided shrouds over shrouds were the cool thing to do. I needed a break. Luckily for me the long awaited FedEx driver arrived and the furnace parts came with him. A few minutes later the new room air blower is installed.

the projects continue here on the homestead.

Until next time…



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