Why yes. We work in the cold

Greetings on this chilly Sunday awesome readers. I’m back in the greenhouse again today. The weather is somewhere between rain and snow. The wind is blowing and I’ve gotten the second wall ready to anchor in. After dropping the support 2×4 on my head I’ve finally got the two side walls anchored.

Next up are the front and back walls. The front wall will have a new door to replace the flap that originally came with the greenhouse.

Next up, the back wall. This one will only house the vent and chimney setups so no need to be as precise.

From there it’s off to get the 4×4 ridge beam in, and then there will be little chance of it falling on my head again.

The greenhouse is once again standing. This time snow will not take it down. Next time I will be working on some finishing touches, and then I’ll put it all together and get to work.

Until next time…

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