What else would you use the dining room for?

Good day awesome readers. Today’s agenda: get the hanging baskets built, and start the tomatoes. This whole operation is taking place in the dining room, mostly because why not?

For the first try at hanging baskets for sale I’ve decided on pansy’s. They seem to have done well so far. The next few days will tell the tale though. Everything looks like it got hit with a weed whacked when it’s first transplanted.

I have been instructed to wait on the tomatoes until after school by my little helper so it’s off to the greenhouse to line up tomorrow’s work.

The existing covering is going to have to go. It simply did not survive well at all

I had hoped to save it but that did not work out. I can however salvage some of it to use on the new frame. The large spans will have to get new plastic.

The whole building is currently an abysmal mess to today gets to be a clean out day.

I have got the location set up for the wood stove now.

The back and sides will be built up with cinder blocks and filled with sand to act as a heat bank. That is a fall project though.

Next up is to gain access to the last side of the house.

I need access to remove the old plastic and install the ribs.

With the structure cleared I can move around it now. Tomorrow will be stripping the old plastic and installing the ribs.

Less than an hour outside and one of the pets has found a hanging basket. They are such pests sometimes

With supper out of the way it’s on to tomatoes 288 we are doing this year of three varieties.

My little helper is over the moon happy. We are leaving one slot open in the plug tray so we can water from below.

With creative use of a pencil the holes get done right. And to the correct depth.

At last the product of a good days work is under the lights and tomatoes are on the way!

Until next time…

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