Work continues on the greenhouse…

Good morning awesome readers! Today we pick up where we left off on the greenhouse yesterday. The old skin has to come off and new must go on.

With the skin off I’m officially on the clock to complete this. Rain is on the way all next week so time is of the essence.

First up is to get the remaining two top supports in. I am lacking twelve foot boards so I will have to fabricate one. The process starts with what I have. Two ten foot boards. Each cut at six feet and joined with a plate made from a smaller scrap of wood.

Each end of the scrap is fastened by five long screws to hold it in place. The scrap is centered, and attached.

Both of the fabricated twelve foot boards are the. Attached to the frame over the upright beams. And the ends are cut flush.

Next it is off to the ribs. My goal is to make the outer side of the roof as smooth as possible to avoid ripping the plastic once installed.

Angles will be found, and ribs attached. After a fair amount of math and a little “winging” it. The ribs are up!

Next up is sanding everything to make sure the plastic doesn’t get ripped, and then it’s off to the covering.

All joints and corners need to be ground down.

It’s time consuming but will extend the life of the plastic.

Here we are again at the end of the day. The frame is set, sanded, and some plastic is up. It looks a little rough but there is no doubt it will stand for years.

Time to relax, and get ready to pick it up tomorrow.

Until next time…

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