Is this the home stretch?

Good morning awesome readers. Today we pick up on the greenhouse where we left it yesterday. First order of business is some cleaning.

That’s much better. The next bit is on the back there. A cross beam to make a utility window that will allow the stove pipe to exit in the winter and cool air to enter in the summer. From there it is off to finish the skin.

The back wall is complete. Due to a necessity to keep costs way down I am re using much of the old greenhouse skin in the walls of the new house. A pair of scissors makes easy work of this.

At mid day. One wall and the back are up. I thoroughly wish I had my knees from 20 years ago.

With the sides and front on, the project comes down to a door.

The first step in the door process is opening the sill to the right level. This little vibrio saw has paid for itself several times over on this project.

The door I decided to make from 2×4 as well. It took some sanding, and creative use of the vibro cutter as a chisel to get the fit right but in the end there is a door.

We now once again have a functioning greenhouse on the homestead. It won’t win any beauty contests but it will work for years to come.

The next step is to setup and optimize the work area. Stay tuned

Until next time…

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