It’s for science.. I swear

Good morning awesome readers! This morning we are in the greenhouse figuring out what it is going to take to heat this monster. The initial results as things inside the greenhouse warm up are promising. The end of the cycle seems to increase by five minutes with each on cycle.

The scientific recording methods are primitive to say the least. But the results are promising.

For the springtime I’m going to be using a little jet heater. What I am finding is a seven minute burn brings the greenhouse to 80 degrees. And there is an off time of about 25 minutes between burns. The off time grows as the items in the greenhouse warm up.

The missing piece to this setup is a thermostat that works with a 110 plug. I see one in the near future.

From the greenhouse it is off to spring cleanup. I have a pretty good jump on it this year. The chickens are doing great work to help out.

I am having a bit of a challenge keeping them on the property though. They seem to like to wander way off.

I will have to look for a solution to that soon.

Until next time…


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