Weather be damned!

Good morning awesome readers! It is currently cold and snowy again. And we here on the homestead have frankly had enough of mother nature’s crap. She can be soo moody sometimes.

If you remember this guy from yesterday and the complex bit of science we did. Today that got put to use. Albeit slightly different than I had planned. Instead of a thermostat I’ve had to go with a timer based on the cycle time discovered yesterday. It’s not pretty, but it’s workable.

The day began with getting the trays filled while watching what the timer did with the heater. It works, but with the minimum on time of 15 minutes the temperature swings between 85-50 during the cycle. I have a more complex digital timer but I simply don’t trust myself to set it right. Lucky for me clothes come off and on easy enough. Both the high and the low are within the range to bring up seeds so why overcomplicate it.

On the agenda today are all the zucchini and summer squash for sale this year, and some nice flowers for hanging baskets.

In all nearly 300 more plants started, and probably another 200 remaining before I’m ready to call the variety good. Today has been a very good day.

While I wrote this. The first of a few loads of mulch arrived. Good looking stuff!

Now I’ve got to get it where it’s needed, and there will be no weeds this summer and better soil quality.

Until next time…


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