A little bit about me.

Spring is here, and it is time for new beginnings. New projects are popping up everywhere,
so I figured what better way to share what is going on than with a new blog.
My mission with this is to create sustainability on my small piece of America,
and by doing so help others that share the same situation to get a sustainable lifestyle
from their own land.

I live on .2 acres In Vermont. My wife and I purchased this property nearly five years ago.
Five years ago was a different time. The troubles of the world did not seem as daunting,
and in your face as they do today.

Our home is outside a small town, and while the location is not what realtors would
consider L3 it is home. We have made a family here, and we have no plans of leaving.
This presents us with a unique opportunity to help others while we help ourselves.

The challenges will be daunting, and will require out of the box thinking. I plan to use as
much as I have on hand, and what I can find along the way to make my small little home sustain
a family.  Along the way I will to do some gear reviews, tutorials, and general fun things.

I believe that this mentality is a community effort so I welcome your feedback, and advice.
I look forward and welcome you to join me on this journey.  I am not an expert, nor do I pretend
to be. I am learning as I go along, just as many of you are. I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading,
and take something away from this site.


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