Blue Hubbard Squash

Blue Hubbard Squash:

This Plant is an annual with huge fruit. I have personally seen fruit from this plant so big it had to be split with an axe like firewood. Each piece was large enough to act as a dinner plate for all in attendance. There were ten of us. Aside from that cool fact the squash produced is amazing with some butter and maple syrup.

To Plant:

Start them early in order to get the biggest fruit you can. To transplant simply carefully scoop out the young plant and place it in a larger pot with more high quality soil. I wouldn’t recommend direct seeding, unless your season is really long.


These should be harvested as late as possible in order to grow as much as they can, by the time of harvest vine damage should be less of a concern. Snip or twist the squash from the vine and enjoy.


All of the planting literature states that these need an egregious amount of space to grow, almost two feet between plants. I don’t have that so I have opted to plant them close and push the nutrients right to them.

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